Products for healthy ageing

Diet and exercise are the key to healthy ageing. With exercise, we can point you in the right direction but the blood, sweat and tears are all yours. With diet, we can’t feed you a healthy diet, that is up to you. However, sometimes even healthy diets need a helping hand. If you walk in the sun, eat loads of garlic, love drinking green tea and have a passion for daily curry, perhaps you don’t need our supplements. On the other hand,  the sun isn’t always shining, not everyone likes garlic or green tea and is the curcumin in your curry in the right form? That is where our supplements can help.

We have put together different science-based supplement formulations and the clue to their use is in the name.


Our supplements pack a lot in so that you get an amount of supplement designed to make a difference. Our bottles are highly cost-effective and economical with 120 capsules in each bottle.