No.1 Healthy Heart Formula (Garlic, Green Tea, Vitamin D, CoQ10 and Proanthocyanidins)


Contains all of these: a unique formulation of Garlic, Green Tea, Vitamin D, CoQ10 and Proanthocyanidins.

Amazing value for one month’s supply of 120 capsules



Garlic – The World Health Organization believes that garlic and its active component, allicin are so important to health that they have recommended daily minimum amounts. Studies have shown that garlic can keep blood vessels healthy, promote blood flow and reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Green tea – Many studies have shown the benefit of green tea:

  • drinking more than three cups of tea per day reduced the risk of stroke
  • drinking more than five cups of green tea per day reduced the risk of dying (from any cause)
  • tea drinkers had a lower risk of developing heart problems

Vitamin D – Vitamin D deficiency is a modern-day epidemic which is alarming because a number of studies involving thousands of people found that lower amounts of vitamin D in the blood was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Please be aware that too much vitamin D in the diet can be harmful and it should be restricted to no more than 4000 IU per day.

CoQ10 – Studies have shown that CoQ10 can reduce blood pressure and improve the function of the blood vessel walls, including elasticity.

Proanthocyanidins – Have been shown to reduce damage caused by oxidative stress

Please Note – Do not take our supplements as an alternative to medical treatment. Do not take our supplements while receiving treatment for heart related problems without consulting a medical practitioner.