Scientists have found that type 2 diabetes can be reversed by a simple change in diet.

Our mantra at Vivheart is healthy ageing through exercise and a healthy diet. Obesity is not an option for healthy ageing as obesity is the biggest risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes which leads to serious health issues and lifelong medication. Now it turns out that there is still hope for obese people who have developed diabetes because type 2 diabetes may not be incurable. In many people, simply beginning to reverse the obesity, reverses the disease!

Professors Roy Taylor and Mike Lean headed a study called DiRECT, short for Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial. The study recruited 306 overweight people with Type 2 diabetes for the study. Half of the people received standard treatment and the other half were placed on a low-calorie diet of soups or shakes for between eight and 20 weeks, followed by a long-term programme of weight loss maintenance.

The results were impressive. Only 4% (one in twenty-five) of the people with the standard treatment saw the diabetes disappear compared with nearly half the people on the low-calorie diet. In fact, the more weight people lost, the more chance that their diabetes disappeared.

Despite the impressive results people are warned not to try this at home; without speaking to their GP. The diet and Type 2 diabetes have to be carefully monitored so that the diet can be introduced safely.