About us

Dr Stuart

Doctor Stuart. I have spent more than 30 years in scientific research which has included research into ageing related diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer. I am co-author on more than 40 scientific publications. As a scientist I know that exercise is important for healthy ageing and I keep fit by cycling and running. On a Saturday morning I can usually be found running and helping out at vivheart.com’s local parkrun. I have also been known to compete in the occasional triathlon.

Vivienne Greig

As a journalist on New Scientist magazine I became aware of the latest scientific studies and scientific understanding of ageing. It is amazing just how much our health is in our own hands. Healthy diet and supplementing with scientifically proven supplements where they may be lacking is essential to our continued health. Exercise is also essential for health. With the right combination of both, we can live longer, more healthy lives. The gym is my thing and I can be found in the gym twice a week working the weights. I also enjoy running and in recent years, have completed the Paris and Berlin marathons. I came to exercise relatively late and I can pass on the message that it is never too late to begin; your future self and your future health depends on it!


Together, we explore diet and exercise in healthy ageing and we formed vivheart.com so that we could share what we find out.