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NEW! We are campaigning to preserve African forests through healthy organic African forest honey. See our blog below!

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Our stripy bees are the new ‘green’. They are the ultimate in sustainability. From a hive occupying a tiny footprint of land they forage widely for pollen and nectar to produce honey and beeswax, pollinating our flowers and fruit as they go.

But bees need our help. They are in decline as they are poisoned by pesticides and have their homes destroyed by deforestation.

We can help by providing a safe home in a safe environment, in gardens, cities, fields and forests. In return, they provide us with honey and beeswax. The more of these products, and products made from them, that find a market, the more valuable the bees and the more valuable their habitats making it more likely that these habitats and the animals and communities that depend on them can be preserved.

Preserving African forests through organic honey

Preserving African forests through organic honey

DISAPPEARING FORESTS Countries in Africa suffer high rates of deforestation. For example, Tanzania loses more than 1% per year of its forest caused by unsustainable demand such as the use of charcoal and the expansion of farming land into forest areas. Local...

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